Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hank events

We had a great time yesterday morning at Montague Consolidated School. We were supposed to read the book twice, once to 40 grade 1 students and once to 40 grade 2's. After the grade 1 reading, the principal asked if we'd "mind" her inviting the grade 3's to the second reading. Of course we didn't, so we read to 80 kids in the second set. Great responses from them. One little girl said "That's the best story I ever heard." We'll be using it as a blurb on the next edition! Only sold four books (two to the school, one to the principal and one to a young feller whose parents had given him money for the book), but sent most of the kids home with ABH bookmarks and instructions to pester their folks for a copy.

Tomorrow morning we're going in to Charlottetown to tape an interview with Matt Rainnie for broadcast on the CBC afternoon show, Mainstreet. The interview will be broadcast sometime between 4 and 6, Atlantic time.

Then, on Saturday, we're doing book signings at the Charlottetown Farmer's Market (9-11) and the Bookmark in the Confederation Court Mall (12-2).


GM said...

When are you getting out here to the real east?

Zachariah Wells said...

Alas, not likely till sometime after we move back to Halifax. Maybe next fall, after my book of poems is out?