Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poetry Weekend!!!

I'm heading to Fredericton tomorrow. Nothing noteworthy about that, I head to Fredericton every Wednesday morning these days. But this time, instead of spending one night, I'll be staying till Sunday night. This weekend is the annual UNB Poetry Weekend, an awesome marathon of verse that's been happening since 2004. In that time, I only missed once, a couple of years ago when I was reading at the Ottawa Writers' Festival. Rachel and Kaleb are coming along. Not sure how much K will get out of it, but R will be reading along with me and who knows who all else. Ross Leckie calls the PW the most disorganized literary festival in Canada ("unorganized" would perhaps be more apposite, as the "dis" prefix suggests that it's accidental, which it ain't) and in keeping with that, I haven't yet heard who's reading when. I'll be making every attempt to record the readings, as I have in the past, but the challenges of running a poetry marathon while parenting may overwhelm me. We'll see. Should be a good time, regardless.

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