Monday, October 29, 2012

I.M. Andrew Wells (April 8, 1936-October 25, 2012)


The poetry in him’s not hard to miss—
Lear’s Kent, steady servant, taking cover
when cynics stormed the stage, but never
hiding out. No lies in him, his honest
talk not florid, stripped of artifice
and ornament. Plain. Don’t take his silence
for indifference, don’t mistake it for a lack
of love, nor his boxer’s skill for violence,
his aptitude with axe and saw and maul
for bloodlust. Flawed? Yes, but what he hacked
apart he raised into a home, a small
solid shield against impending weather,
and at its heart a Jøtul blazing hot.
My father was not a man who said a lot.


Gillian said...

Lovely. A beautiful requiem that gives us, your readers, such a sense of your father.

david pendergast said...

Thanks for that beautiful poem, Zach. It's a real tribute.