Monday, February 24, 2014

Buzz Off, Bezos

I spent a bit of time this morning deleting all links to my books on Amazon sites from this blog's sidebar and from my website. I haven't bought anything from Amazon for years, mostly because I don't like the pressure they, and other juggernaut retailers, place on small press publishers to discount their titles. I've left the links up as long as I have because I know that many people appreciate the convenience of buying from Amazon--and I want my books to be bought and read. After reading an article this morning in Salon, however, I couldn't in good conscience continue to support Amazon, however tacitly, as a seller of my work. The article paints an Orwellian picture of globalized labour relations hell in Amazon's gargantuan warehouses. This is a truly repugnant corporation. Please, if you want to buy my books, go to an independent bookseller or to my publishers' websites.

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