Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stein. Or Steyn.

Just came across this lengthy, and very thoughtful, critique of David Solway's pamphlet On Being a Jew, written by Brian Fawcett. It helps to elucidate why Solway would want to snuggle up to Mark Steyn: he got beat up as a kid.

Another thought occurred to me. Solway's review of Steyn appears in an issue of Books in Canada in which the magazine's publisher and editor, Adrian and Olga Stein, put together an humongous piece on Conrad Black. Solway is also an editor at BiC and Mark Steyn is a notorious Black lackey (a blackey?). I wonder if Solway and the Steins are far enough up Lord Black's ass to lick Steyn's Hush Puppies.

And another thing: why is Books in Canada so shoddy about paying its writers their promised fees?

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Alex said...

They're probably slow (to put it charitably, from what I've heard) to pay their writers because they don't have any money. Aren't they just kept going by Amazon? It's not a very good-looking production. I've never seen it available in any bookstore so I'm not sure who all reads it. The website just seems to have been re-designed though, and that costs money.