Sunday, February 1, 2009


I had the freakiest shit today—

no, wait, don’t walk away,

I’m not the sort of sicko dude

to wax weird about lewd

pervy fetish stuff, this is

something heavier than shits and pisses,

alright? Alright, so there it was: one

solitary turd, the sort of bun

I always hope for,

no mess clean-up, walk away—but just before

I put my finger to the lever,

I realize it's a nugget unlike any I’ve ever

seen: see, it was the same shape, exactly,

as a human brain: two perfectly

symmetric hemispheres, the curvy folds

and involutions. I was totally bowled

over—I mean, it blew my mind

that my sphincter could extrude

such an intricately lined

scale model out of shit—

Eh? What do you think I did with it—

I sent it down the fucking drain.

I told you, I’m not that kind of dude—

brain, or no brain.

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