Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unwiped Bums

First, they let Harper, a non-Catholic, take communion, during which he may or may not have consumed the body of Christ, and now the PMO has shit on its face again, after misspelling the name of Nunavut's capital city. In many ways, Iqaluit is a shitty little town--tho one I still have a soft spot for, after spending parts of five years living there--but presumably Harper wouldn't want to call it one in public.

Here's a little ditty (improperly formatted, thanks to Blogger) from Unsettled--from a section of the book actually entitled "Iqaluit, Iqualuit"-- about that very common spelling mistake:


Add a u

& the place of fishes


a dirty arsehole

When the snow on the south side of town is stained brown,

When fumes from cars & chimneys form a poised swatter,

When the wind blows east over shitpond & smoking dump,

small wonder Iqualuit

is a standard misspelling

UPDATE: Some pertinent commentary from my friend Megan.

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