Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad News that Could Have Been Much Worse

This is the sort of thing train attendants get trained for, but hope never happens on their shift. When I heard about the derailment this morning, I went straight to Facebook to find out what wasn't on the news. Fortunately, no crew were hurt and only a handful of passengers suffered relatively minor injuries (the worst being, apparently, a dislocated shoulder).

The chaos that ensues after a major service disruption is usually of benefit to those of us low on the seniority totem pole and such was the case for me today, as I got called to work a trip tomorrow--my first assignment since December. In some ways bad timing, as I have a number of tight deadlines right now, but when a trip comes my way, I'd be an idiot to turn it down. So I'm digging into the back of the closet for my uniform and heading off tomorrow morning. Hi ho, hi ho. Somehow, I have the feeling it won't be a routine trip...

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