Monday, March 29, 2010

Me 'n' Ennui

He accused me of being mentally
lazy. Which wasn't true, not fully,
because what I am is fundamentally

lazy. Which means that my ass
has a taproot and that my ass-
umptions are mired in a morass

of self-regarding half-truths.
Blame it on my uncouth
environs. Blame it on youth

or the views of my parents.
Blame it on my aberrant
behaviour, the apparent

offshoot of corrupt institutions,
a flawed constitution
of country and corps, the dissolution

of my generation's esprit,
an overfond embrace of entropic ennui—
but buddy, don't blame it on me.

1 comment:

YLM said...

Oh yeah, blame it on the parents. What you need is a good kick in the fundament.