Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading Report

I had a reading in Moncton last night. I didn't know for sure if I'd be able to do it until Sunday afternoon, as I'm on call at my dayjob, but it worked out and I'm glad it did. The reading was hosted by my good friends Art Moore (a teacher and writer in Moncton) and his partner Corrine May. It was at a very cool new venue in Moncton, Botsford Station, a kind of artists' co-op. Besides my reading, there were great readings by Art and by Mark Sampson, reading from an unpublished novel manuscript. There were also several talented musicians, so it was more of a coffee house than a straight reading. The weather was horrendous, but there were still a good forty-odd souls in attendance. Very impressive. I can't imagine getting that good a turnout under similar conditions in Halifax--although it should be said that Art's charisma and popularity probably make a big difference.

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