Sunday, February 13, 2011


I thought I'd post the poem Evie's referring to (see previous post) for the benefit of anyone who doesn't have a copy of my book. Please don't let this deter you from purchasing said book or checking it out of your local library...


I’m told that I resemble you. I do,
it’s true, like an Arab a Jew, I can see

me in you, right to my left shoe, bootstrapped
and blue. Dear zeyda, dear grampa, dear Lou,

let’s marry, let’s say our I do’s, our boo-
hoos, our adieus. She never left you—you

were threaded in her like a screw, staining
her like a tattoo, drubbing and draining

her blue. It was you, Lou, you who flew,
old Lear, into rages and bottles and fugues,

into the storm you flew—where I met you,
cursing the gods and the fools who weren’t you.

Goddamnit, grandfather, I am you,
stubborn, wicked and true. I never knew

you in life, but I didn’t need to.