Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Chapbook Has Landed

One of the best things about unemployment/freelance is that you're home when exciting mail arrives. Today, I answered the door to my friendly postie, who had in hand this lovely package:

So now I have my weekend project all lined up: packaging these beauties so I can mail them out with minimal delay to all you wonderful folks who helped me travel to Linares. And for all those who've been meaning to order a copy, you can still do so at the Indiegogo page I set up, as the campaign doesn't officially close for another twelve days.


Murissa Maurice said...

What a great idea you have. I love how I can get a postcard or a signed copy!
I am just in the midst of finishing up my own handmade chapbook for Michael V. Smith my professor, you might know him. He studied with Matt Rader.

Anyways, good luck in Mexico!

Zachariah Wells said...

I do indeed know Michael V. I'm actually back from Mexico now, so any postcards claimed from here on will be coming from Nova Scotia. Thanks for stopping by.