Monday, March 2, 2015


Not consistent, but in
clusters, in lacustrine

conglomerations, in lack
lustre congress, in lacunar

conundrums, drums
con sordino, in schools

of sardine shoaling
in shallows, in shadows

and splotches of sickled
shivelight, in shimmers

and speckles, in specks,
freckles and moles, in tunnels

and tubes, in tubs and tubas
and turbines, in turbot's

turbercles, in tubercular
fits, in fletches, flitches

and flits, in flatlands
and mesas, in ditches,

in dikes, in tidal insistence,
in bridles and britches,

in fasces and faces, in flashes
and flexes and fluxion, in fluent

dysrhythmia, flaring
and falling, setting fire

to synapses and scuttling
sense to its apsis.

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