Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I is on Verse Daily

No, that's not bad grammar, it's a fact. My poem "I" is featured on Verse Daily.


Brent Raycroft said...

Hi Zachariah -- Thanks for this invigorating essay in the new Arc Mag. I've been an admirer of Robertson's work for a few years now, and you've helped me understand the project of Cinema of the Present in the context of her other work and in a way (as an admirer of Wordsworth as well) that is both surprising and comforting -- too comforting, perhaps, but I'm still in the pre-quibble phase of appreciating your essay. If I wait for a critique to gel, I may never get round to thanking you. Thanks as well for "haecceity" -- it's been weeks since I encountered such a strange new word.
Brent Raycroft

Zachariah Wells said...

Belated thanks for your comments, Brent. I check for pending comments far too rarely, it would seem.

That essay is an abridgement of a much longer piece, which I'll be polishing up and publishing in the nearish future, probably in Canadian Notes & Queries. I initially grasped the parallels between the two poets intuitively and tenuously and was surprised myself, as I read more deeply into the essay, to find out how much there actually was to it.

Haecceity has been a fave of mine ever since I first encountered it years ago. Can't recall where that was now. Maybe in something by or about Tim Lilburn.