Thursday, August 11, 2016

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I haven't been doing a lot of freelance work of late because I'm very busy these days in my role as Chief Shop Steward in Unifor Local 4005. But the other day Carmine Starnino asked me to adapt a Facebook post about my adventures in real estate into a web piece for The Walrus. That piece is now up. I got into the specifics and details (although some were cut for length) because I think these are too often things that are not talked about, things it's almost taboo to talk about--but they're things we should be talking about. Class has become a really sticky wicket. It's very strange to be, as I am, simultaneously an artist, a seasonal grey-collar worker (who has been on EI almost every year since 2003), a labour rights activist, and a landlord. My priorities are often in conflict and are very hard to integrate. I certainly didn't cobble all these things together on purpose; it's symptomatic of how a person needs to hustle these days to get ahead--even if one is born with a lot of advantages.


London Scottish said...


Knew you would be as interesting as the people I hoped to meet on the Ocean. I'll look out for your writing, and of your Glaswegian (or, to be even more ethnically accurate, 'Weegie') buddies. Although one of them is from Falkirk, to be frank I'd steer clear of those types.

Dermot (Scottish guy, beard envy)

Zachariah Wells said...

Cheers, Dermot! Hope you had a fine time in New Scotland.