Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can You See the Difference?

Saw "The Darjeeling Limited" this afternoon. Good flick, but not as good as "Little Miss Sunshine." I was struck by the uncanny resemblance between film-star Adrien Brody and poetry star Geoffrey Cook. Couldn't quite find the image-pairing that does justice to it the way I saw it in the moving Brody today, but still, can't you see it?

Doing some last minute prep before I hit the road. I'm working another terminal duty shift tomorrow, then hopping on the train eastbound. Hopefully, not working, but there's apparently a good chance, as a freight derailment has caused a significant delay to the inbound train, which would render the outbound train shortstaffed. Fingers crossed for a more-or-less timely arrival of the inbound train. It would be very nice to have a chilled out trip. Also, if I get called in to work return, I'll have to refuse the job, as working it would make me late to Fredericton. And I hate to be the guy who says no, believe it or not.

No resolution on our tenant situation. Really a tough spot to be put in at this time of the year. At least it's not the upstairs apartment, which rents for twice as much.

Updates as I go. Ciao for now.

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