Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Adventures on the Railroad

Sitting in a hotel room in Toronto now, having just railroaded east from Vancouver. Good trip. The first chunk, from Vancouver to Winnipeg, I helped out washing dishes in the dining car at the busiest meal sittings and got cut in on the tips for my troubles, which was a pleasant surprise. After Winnipeg, I took it easy, and spent some time hanging out with a couple of other travelers, who were very fine company. I've also been reading Steven Pinker's The Stuff of Thought, which is providing much stuff for thought.

Shortly after arriving, I met up for drinks with Goran Simic and Colin Carberry at the Imperial Pub. Goran has published a collection of Colin's poems, Ceasefire in Purgatory, which Colin gave me in exchange for one of my books. An intriguing-looking collection, which I will be checking out when a bit more sober than I am at present.

Tomorrow morning, I catch a train to Montreal and then I board the Ocean Ltd. for Moncton. It'll be fun to see some of my old colleagues on board that one.

I'm renting a car in Moncton and driving to Fredericton for the annual Poetry Weekend. Twill be a blast, no doubt. More anon.

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