Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Helwig

Found out today that David Helwig has replaced Frank Ledwell as PEI's new poet laureate, as announced by my neighbour and former classmate, Carolyn Bertram, who is now Minister of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour. She always was an over-achiever!

David's of course a very well-established writer of prose and verse and has been an active member of the Island arts and letters scene for many years. He was involved, along with Hugh MacDonald and the late Joe Sherman, with Saturday Morning Chapbooks, which published my Fool's Errand in 2004. (It's now out of print, but if you're foolish and desperate for a copy, check it out here.)

Not living on the Island, I have no real idea of what Ledwell--who's had serious health problems over the last few years--did in his tenure, but David's already got plans for promoting PEI poetry through the official laureate's website. (He's just added my poem, "Skunk.") I reckon he's a damn good pick for the job.

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