Monday, July 7, 2008

Interview online

Literary portrait artist extraordinaire Don Denton has just posted an interview with me, focusing primarily on Jailbreaks.


John W. MacDonald said...

Don Denton. Wow! This guy is my inspiration along with photographer Sam Tata. Love his book 'First Chapter: The Canadian Writers Photography Project.' I didn't know he had a blog. Thanks for the heads up.

Brian Campbell said...

Good interview, Zach. And as I say in the comment I posted there: "Jailbreaks" is a great little anthology. I've enjoyed a number of the poems. Standouts for me so far are Barbara Nickel's "For Peter, My Cousin" and Don Coles' "Sampling from a Dialogue".

Zachariah Wells said...

Thanks, Brian, good of you to say so. Those two poems are among my 99 favourites, for sure.