Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip Report

Got back from Winnipeg yesterday, utterly wiped from the trip. Every third trip I make, there's no Winnipeg layover and this was one of them; it makes for three straight days of 18+ hours, which is one thing on solid ground, but that much more tiring on a moving train. It's good to be home with Rachel and Kaleb, who has gotten over some early feeding difficulties and is now probably back over his birth weight; the weigh-in tomorrow should confirm it. He's a bit of a vampire at this point, up all night and endlessly ravenous. He's much calmer and sleeps more during the day.

The trip went pretty well, especially the return portion. A few times in my work, I've received applause from the passengers at trip's end, and this was one of them. This, along with the gratuities showered upon me, was quite gratifying. Much as I'd like to attribute this to my charm and wit, a lot of it has to do with the passengers themselves. This was a particularly good bunch, which made it that much easier to engage with them. (I wonder if it's a coincidence that there was a higher than usual number of Canadians in my car...) I think part of it is that I've been in an exceptionally good mood since Kaleb's birth. In years past, I was quite adamant about never having kids. I'm glad I changed my stance on that.

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