Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poems forthcoming

I've received word recently that a handful of my poems will be published. Two epigrammatic little ditties ("Garden Variety" and "Earwig") are coming out in a new online venture curated by Amatoritsero Ede, The Maple Tree Literary Supplement, and two of my personal recent favourites ("Rhythm" and "To the Superb Lyrebird, that Cover Band of the Australian Bush") in the recent startup out of Newfoundland, Riddle Fence, edited by Mark Callanan, Patrick Warner et al. Not sure when exactly; I reckon sometime in the early new year.

UPDATE: Speaking of Riddle Fence, Carmine Starnino has posted some praise for it over at the Vehicule blog. I have a copy of this issue and tho I've not read all of it, I'd have to agree so far that it's "effin good." Hynes' piece is one of things I've not read. Sounds like I should. Right fuckin now.

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