Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocksalt launch report

I read at the final Rocksalt launch last night in North Vancouver. Hosted by the independent bookstore, 32 Books, it was a considerably more intimate affair than the last two launches I attended, in Vancouver and Victoria. Fun evening, with some good readings. Alas, I arrived too late to get into a good position to record it. Had a good chat over drinks afterwards with Heather Haley, Rob Taylor and Peter Trower. It's got me thinking quite a bit about the potential for multimedia adaptations of poems.


Daniela said...

That was definitely a more intimate environment, if not a bit too intimate. Nice little bookstore, and very well lit. Sorry I missed the drinks afterward. I would have loved to explore the multimedia adaptations of poems.

Heather Haley said...

Come to Bowen sometime Zach, we'll chat further. Daniela, I foolishly forgot to get your signature on my copy. Can you contact me please?