Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Canadian Poetry--the Molson Ad Campaign Version

Molly Peacock has been blogging about the new Best Canadian Poetry anthology, over at the Best American Poetry blog. If I haven't said it here before, I think it's a remarkably strong anthology. And I'm glad to see the involvement in it of someone like Peacock, who straddles the US/Canadian border. I'm a bit dismayed to see her making broadstroke generalisations about Canadian verse over at the blog, however. I always find those kind of synthesizing analyses, whatever kernel of truth they might contain, obscure far more than they reveal and do nothing so much as perpetuate a prejudice. Should I be Canadian now and say, "But that's just my opinion"?

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Molly Peacock said...

Hey Zack, Thanks for joining the bi-national fray! Go back to the Best American Blog for my response.