Friday, January 16, 2009

If you had to choose, would you rather be without pants or a jacket?

The good folks at Gaspereau Press have fired up a blog; I reckon there'll be lots of neat sneak-peeks into the workings of the Press. To the best of my knowledge, Gaspereau's one of only three trade publishers that print in-house. And now they're making their own paper!

I can't wait for their upcoming publications of Robert Bringhurst's (long overdue) Selected and Carmine Starnino's new collection.


Michael Reynolds said...

Do you think the new Bringhurst selection will draw from his Haida translations? Between those and the performance piece Ursa Major (neither of which lend themselves to a typical selected) I don't recall a lot of new poems since The Calling (though it appears The Calling is out of print...).

What I'd really like to see is a volume of new poems -- but maybe there will be some new work included here?

Zachariah Wells said...

That's a good question and point, Michael. I dunno. I hope there are new poems, too. I mainly said it was overdue because The Calling has been out of print for some time. But I reckon this will be a pretty different book from The Calling, if only because well over a decade has passed.