Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chain, chain, chain

Thanks to Michael Lista for pointing out this video of Paul Muldoon reading his poem "Symposium," the poem on which the Dodds poem is based upon which my poem of yesterday is based. Because Jeramy didn't acknowledge the debt in the book (which is interesting, because he did for other poems--and because it makes the first sentence of my poem look far cleverer than it actually is!) and because my reading of Muldoon's poetry has been desultory, I didn't realize it. But I'm not surprised at all that Michael did...

ADDED: Michael thought that this may have been an excerpt of the poem, but it is indeed the whole thing, I learned upon consulting the Big Book of Muldoon that I haven't been reading for the last 9 or 10 years. I also learned that "Symposium" is a sonnet (a shaggy sort of sonnet, of the type that Ken Babstock learned from Muldoon; "Symposium" is collected in Muldoon's book Hay, the title poem of which--also a shaggy sonnet--Babstock wrote about in The Globe and Mail way back when), whereas Jeramy's poem is 33 lines long. Mine, at present, is 36 lines, but most of the lines are shorter than most of Jeramy's. Genetic mutations... It should also be noted that mine is by far the filthiest of the three poems.

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