Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reading Report, CNQ, etc.

Terrific reading last night with Alexander MacLeod at my alma mater, the U of King's College. It was a hazardous, icy night, but we still drew an audience of 15 or so. They were very responsive to the work and bought quite a few books. Alex had a bad cough, but soldiered through his reading admirably. I haven't finished reading Light Lifting yet, as I've been buried in things I have to read, but what I've read and heard is absolutely stellar. It's been my pleasure to know Alex a bit over the last few years; he's a class act. Always a bonus when a talented writer is also a good person. It's an honour to be on the same list with him.

In other Biblioasis-related news, my copy of CNQ's new issue arrived in the mail yesterday. Looks promising, as usual. Nicole Dixon has a polemical essay that's bound to ruffle a few feathers. Short story by Alex MacLeod. Poems by Nick Thran. And a neat new feature: Word of Mouth, featuring reviews of books neglected or forgotten. The inaugural piece was written by yours truly, on Charles Bruce's 1951 collection The Mulgrave Road.

Off to Fredericton tomorrow for my second-last class this semester. One more presentation and one more paper to write. Next term, I'll be more Halifax-based, working on an independent study course and my thesis. Which is a relief, financially, logistically and personally. The term's gone well, but the student life ain't for me any more, I'm afraid. TTFN.

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