Friday, April 13, 2007

Sealift Afloat

Avatar Records (that's me) is pleased to announce the launch of Sealift, a CD recording of 24 poems from my book Unsettled.

If you'd like a copy of Sealift, you can send me $10.00 (CAD) plus $2.00 for shipping & handling within Canada or $5.00 for international shipments. If you're in the USA or elsewhere, the same amounts apply in USD. Please contact me to arrange payment options (cheque, money order, paypal). If paying by credit/debit on paypal, please add $1.00; if transferring funds from your paypal account to mine, no extra funds required. If you'd like a signed copy of Unsettled along with it, add $10.00.

If you'd like to hear a sample of the work included on Sealift, click here or here.

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