Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sointula 2

Rachel's reading was, unfortunately, sparsely attended; there were, myself excluded, nine people there. One likely reason is that it was on at the same time as a Water Board meeting. There has apparently been much heated debate about the Water Board in Sointula (Finnish for "place of harmony"). But what the crowd lacked in numbers, it made up for amply in interest and it was an excellent reading.

We're spending one more night here before heading back to the mainland. We went on a great (viz wonderful and very long) hike yesterday on a beautifully maintained trail through the woods. The trail passes through the site of a huge forest fire that happened in 1923. A lot of charred snags are still standing--some have the look of art installations--and they completely dwarf even the broadest new growth trees. I wish I'd thought to bring my camera. I stood beside one felled monster and it was over a foot wider than I am tall (almost 6' in my boots); it was far from the biggest we saw on our tromp. We're going on another wander today.

Here's a slice of the view from our cottage:

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Alex said...

Nine people isn't bad.