Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thirsty: A Biblioasis Miscellany

Dan Wells (no blood relation, and not to be confused with the eponymous actor) of Biblioasis fame has set up a collective blog for writers associated with the press in various ways. That would include me, as reviews editor for Canadian Notes & Queries and author and editor of future Biblioasis books. I hope that a lot of people end up participating, because a great number of smart talented folks have been drawn into the orbit of Biblioasis in the short time it's been around.

On a related note, I was very glad to learn that Dave Hickey (not to be confused with the guy who makes music with molded crystal bowls) has been nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award for his book, In the Lights of a Midnight Plow. I played matchmaker for Dave and Biblioasis, suggesting to Dan, after seeing a number of Dave's excellent poems in magazines, that he ask Dave for a manuscript. So I'm glad to see it all working out so well. Two of the other poets nominated are Steven Price, about whom I posted recently, and Nick Thran, who I saw read in Toronto a few months ago and whose book I very much enjoyed. Three very different voices, all strong. I don't envy the judges their final decision. If I was forced to pick, I think I'd have to go with Steven's book, but it's hard to say for sure. The major disappointment in this household is that Rachel's book was nominated for neither the Lampert, nor the Pat Lowther Award. Booooooo! Hiss!

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