Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Audio Recordings

On layover in Winnipeg right now, and after a very social trip, I haven't left my hotel room since I got in, ordered a pizza (pricey, but tasty) and watched the Jays nip the Yankees in a tight pitcher's duel. Might venture out tomorrow, see what book bargains are to be found at McNally Robinson.

Got an email today from Chris/Zeke, the dynamo impresario genius behind one of my favourite reading venues, Zeke's Gallery. Chris tells me that the podcast of my last reading at the gallery has been downloaded 244 times from a couple of different sites. He figured that each download should be good for ten sales of my book (based on one audio book selling for every ten print copies, according to him). Silly Chris. Fortunately, I don't count on my versification and public performances to bring in the bucks and I care more about audience than sales figures--and naturally, more about art than either. Of course, of course, purity of the enterprise and all that, what? But hey, if you've liked what you've seen and heard here at CLM, please don't hesitate to order my book, my chapbook or my CD. I've got a couple more publications coming out this year, too, another chapbook(After the Blizzard) and "Achromatope," a letterpress broadside, which should be a beautiful collector's item and fabulous gift for the colourblind poetry lover in your life.

If you're looking for more audio poetry, both by me and by others but all read by me, here's a link to all the recordings I've posted over the last few months at archive.org. Chris also tells me that a lengthy and only half-sober interview he did with me the day after the above-mentioned reading will be podcast soon.

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