Monday, May 14, 2007

Body and Soul

Well, I got the call. My winter layoff is at an end and tomorrow I start working for Via Rail again. In some ways an old job--I've been working on the train since 2004--but a new setting, new routes, new co-workers, so I'm doing a bit of recurrent training and familiarisation before I go on the Vancouver spareboard. Posting will be more erratic from here on, as most of my trips will take me out of town for at least five days at a time. But if it's as nice out where you are as it is in Vancouver, you shouldn't be hunched over your screen reading my ramblings anyway. (I was told today by a backchannel respondent to CLM that I "should question my notion of audience"; I wonder if this is what was meant...)

Hard to say what the future holds for our household. Rachel's busily applying for teaching jobs hither and yon (mostly in BC); where we are in the fall will depend largely on where she gets work. Who said my career limited moves?

Here's a nice picture from the BC Book Prizes Gala that showed up at Quill and Quire's website (with Steven Price lurking behind my right shoulder):

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