Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dodds Takes the Cake

Just found out my buddy Jeramy Dodds (pictured left), who not that long ago won the Bronwen Wallace Award, has just taken top prize in the CBC Literary Awards. [ed. note: Nice haul, Jer!] If this keeps up, Jeramy will soon be the wealthiest archaeologist/poet in Canada. (Tho most of the wealth is generated by the illegal sale of unearthed artifacts, not from literary prizes.)

For those of you wondering where your pre-ordered copies of my chipbook After the Blizzard are, Jeramy knows. He has your money. Guess he's been too busy writing his own poems to publish mine. Sniff. [ed. note: sorry, Jer, my intern wrote that. So hard to get good help.-Z]

You can hear Jeramy reading some of his work here.

Rumour has it Jeramy's first book will be coming out with Coach House in the near future. Look out for it

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