Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dylan Thomas Circle

A lovely evening last night at the Red Dragon Pub. There were about 35 people in attendance, most of them members of the Dylan Thomas Circle of Vancouver. Always a pleasure to read poems to a brand new audience, particularly an audience not comprised of people who write poems. And a terrific audience it was; one couldn't ask for better hospitality. I also sold a few copies of Jailbreaks, Unsettled and Sealift, as well as one copy of "Achromatope." And I got a cheque for reading, which is always very nice, even if I'd do it for free.

I recorded my reading, which you can listen to here, but unfortunately I forgot to turn my recorder on until after I'd read Dylan Thomas' "Lament." That's what I refer to in the beginning of the recording when I say that it's a tough act to follow. The other readers, Rhea Tregebov and John Donlan, read very well, but didn't wish to be recorded. John, a member of the Circle, invited me and Rhea to read there with him, and I'm awfully glad he did. I'm seriously thinking of joining. The Circle is interested in making guest readings a regular part of their activities and it would be good to have a role in that.

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