Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Launch Report

Had a wonderful time at the Jailbreaks launch last night. The venue could have been better (there was a lot of ambient noise and the staff wasn't particularly helpful), but the readings were excellent and it was great to meet contributors Crispin Elsted, Nancy Holmes and Lyle Neff for the first time; also great to see others I'd not seen in a while and some good friends. I made a recording of the readings, but the acoustics in the place weren't very good, so the recording isn't really fit to be posted, unfortunately.

The responses to the book (both content and design) from contributors and others thus far has been very gratifying. There will be launches in the near future in Toronto and Montreal, but I won't be able to attend them, unfortunately, as I'm back on-call for the railroad May 9. This has been the longest layoff in my Via career to-date, and I can't say I'm looking forward to my return to wage-slavery. I'm sure it'll be fine once I get back into the swing of things, particularly once I big a regular assignment and don't have to work on-call. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping I don't have to work in the dining car, easily my least favourite on-train job. One of the downsides of working in Vancouver is that my favourite job from my old run in Halifax, "Assistant Service Coordinator" in charge of the coach cars, is only staffed out of Winnipeg, so I never get to work it. Come June, I'll probably be back doing what I did all last summer, playing host in the dome car. Not a bad gig.

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