Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding Report

We had the finest day of the spring on Saturday for our wedding and it was a wonderful night. A short, sweet ceremony, officiated by marriage commissioner Bob Buzza, very good food, plenty of drink (the beer keg ran dry, but more than half the wine I made was left at the end of the night), and most importantly good friends and lots of family. Rachel's mom and my mom both gave very funny speeches, part toast, part roast. Rachel and I have been married for several years already, and we exchanged rings three years ago, so this wasn't a life-changing event, but it was a very life-affirming night. Many photos were taken, but I've yet to see any.

It was great having my mom and brother in town for a few days, too, all the way from PEI. We made many outings, giving me a chance to do some of the touristy Vancouver stuff I wouldn't normally do.

Rachel and I are heading over to Ucluelet (western Vancouver Island) on Saturday for an extended weekend "minimoon." We're staying at Terrace Beach Resort, owned by Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

I'm doing a reading on the 25th, with John Donlan and Rhea Tregebov, hosted by the Dylan Thomas Circle of Vancouver. Here are the details:

Time: 7:30
Place: Red Dragon Pub (downstairs at the Welsh Community Centre)
215 East 17th Ave.

All of us will be reading a Dylan Thomas poem as well as some of our own. Should be good fun.

And on Tuesday the 29th, we're having the Vancouver launch for Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets. Have you got your copy yet? Reading at the launch will be myself (reading sonnets by Vancouver-area contributors who couldn't make the launch), Crispin Elsted, Nancy Holmes, George McWhirter, Lyle Neff, Barbara Nickel, and Anne Stone (reading a sonnet by the late Robert Allen). Here are details on the launch:

Time: 7 pm
Place: Our Town Cafe
245 East Broadway

Hope to see you Vancouver types out.

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