Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Some people prefer a keen and perfect
Cutting edge, a right-angled sheet trimmed neat
With borders that might snick an errant

Fingertip. Others play it safer, seek
Corners that are curved or bevel, the better
To deflect attack, embraces and attention.

My own predilection is for the deckled
Indents of a homemade page, fibre-flecked
And textured like a slept-in bed still dented

From the press of its residents, a set
Of lovers well fitted to each other’s
Folding flaws, growing more attached each week

As they fade and sag and grey together.

1 comment:

Brian Campbell said...

Skilled wordplay here! You quite snicked my eyes and ears on these trim lines... some expert dent-al work besides. Ironic, perhaps, that this appears on electronic pages. I suppose you'll have to get it printed on deckle-edged leaves... I like the invocation of mortality at the end.