Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jailbreaks reviewed in the Star

Despite the shrinkage of the Toronto Star's book coverage, they found some space for a review of Jailbreaks, along with a collection by one of its contributors, Alan R. Wilson (another expat Maritimer living out here). A bit puzzling to me that Carey's one criticism is the antho's "reliance on past masters" when, as Alex Good pointed out in his review, the book is heavily tilted towards the present.

Crazy train trip (serves me right for saying what a routine summer it's been), about which I'll post tomorrow when I'm a little more human. We incurred over 16 hours in delays during my five days on the road. As I said to one of my colleagues, my sorry-muscle is sprained.

Off to Mayne Island with Rachel and Kaleb on the 22nd for an old friend's wedding. Should be shits and giggles. Well, shits anyway. K has yet to giggle. But he is smiling a great deal.

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