Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Banner Day for ABH!

We had two book signings in Charlottetown today. We sold 17 copies in two hours at the Farmers' Market in the morning and 6 in the afternoon at the Bookmark. The traffic in the mall was surprisingly sluggish for the Saturday before xmas, otherwise we might've shifted a few more.

On the way home, Shelagh Rogers had a thing on her book show about Canadian Xmas poetry. Not surprisingly, there's very little, so her researcher dredged up some drecky stuff by Isabella Valancy Crawford and Susanna Moodie. Be nice if they'd feature some really good verse on that show. Maybe they have and I just haven't caught it.

Anyway, that was going to be it for our promo events, but the Market's open on the 23rd and we've got some more copies of Anything But Hank!, so I think I'll go in again. It's pretty much the only income I'm generating this month...

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