Monday, December 22, 2008

Storm Day

All of PEI's shut down today, thanks to a doozy of a winter storm. My parents' house is in a pretty sheltered valley, but even down here the trees are bending and the snow's a-swirling.

Got word yesterday that three poems of mine will be appearing in the next issue of Ottawater, an online mag dedicated to current and former residents of Ottawa. Not sure when that'll be up.

I haven't seen the new issue of Arc yet, since it's been sent to my place in Vancouver, but I've got two brief reviews in it (of Don Domanski's recent selected and Matt Rader's outstanding sophomore collection Living Things), as well as an essay on the bawdy anonymously-authored ballad "Eskimo Nell." (Hear my reading of one version of it here.) There's also a brief review of Jailbreaks, which I'm eager to see.

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