Friday, March 13, 2009

BC Book Prizes

A little late on this, but the BC Book Prizes shortlists were announced t'other day. Great to see Elise Partridge on the poetry shortlist--but where the hell is Matt Rader's Living Things? Instead, we have the supremely boring oldguard avant-garde stalwarts Marlatt and Stanley and a book published by Frontenac House, whom I've never seen publish a book that wouldn't justly be rejected by a first-tier press. Are these crappy things in her book? Boo.

Also, no love for Anything But Hank!, alas. We had high hopes for this book in terms of nominations, mainly because of Eric Orchard's awesome artwork. Of course, we didn't make the Atlantic shortlist in part because Eric's other book was nominated. Oh well.


Visa Vis said...

Stanley is avant-garde?

Zachariah Wells said...

Gee whiz, now where could I have got that idea. Oh, I know:

"Capilano University Editions

CUE was founded by Jenny Penberthy in 2008 as the book-publishing imprint of the Capilano Press Society. While CUE is distinct as a publishing imprint, the press extends the concerns of The Capilano Review - the literary journal Capilano Press Society has published for over three decades - through its dedication to the avant-garde artistic movements that have been integral in shaping the cultural landscape of the West Coast since the 1960's. Titles published under the CUE imprint will serve to document, support, and broaden innovative practices in Canadian arts and culture.

With this mandate in mind, in 2008 CUE launches its publishing program with five literary titles: four books by West Coast poets George Bowering, Edward Byrne, Christine Leclerc, and Billy Little, along with the first volume of a projected three-part anthology of Canadian poetry and poetics, Open Text: Canadian Poetry and Poetics in the 21st Century. In future years, CUE will expand its publishing program to include works addressing developments in the non-literary arts, as well as works of non-fiction.

Editor: Roger Farr
Managing Editor: TBA
Board of Directors: Pierre Coupey, Colin Browne, Brook Houglum, Andrew Klobucar, Jenny Penberthy, George Stanley"