Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Ninjas Work

A very nice reading, by Nigel Beale, of George Murray's poem "Hunter," is up at the Arc site. They've screwed up the formatting, as you can see by Beale's reference to the "unrhymed couplets." This made for an interesting reading for me; I think it works better without the stanza breaks. All of the poems in The Hunter are in unrhymed couplets or tercets and those stanzaic forms often struck me as flaws in the book, as they seemed arbitrarily super-imposed, working at cross-purposes to the headlong momentum of many of the poems. Beale also picks out what I see as the only significant hiccup in the galloping drive of this otherwise exceptionally good poem.

UPDATE: Since I posted, they've fixed the formatting. I still think it's better without stanza breaks.

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