Friday, April 9, 2010

En route report and some love for Track & Trace

An uneventful train ride to Montreal yesterday/today. Unbeknownst to me, Amanda Jernigan boarded the train in Sackville. I'd never met her before, but have long admired her writing, so was glad to meet her on the platform in Montreal. She's also on the same connecting train as me, on her way to Toronto for the launch of Peter Sanger's critical work on the poetry of Richard Outram. Were I there tonight, it's what I'd be checking out. Had a very nice chat with Amanda; I'm looking forward to her first book of poems, whenever she sees fit to publish it.

Also, thanks to Andrew Somerset for pointing out Nigel Beale's recent post touching on Track & Trace. I particularly like that he's talking about my work and Hopkins in the same post, as GMH is someone from whom I've learned a helluva lot about prosody.

I'll be arriving in Cobourg soon; off to read to the kiddies tomorrow morning in Port Hope.

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