Friday, June 29, 2007


Before I head out on my latest railroading adventure, I'll leave you with some long weekend reading material (just in case you're not into drinking beer, watching fireworks, burning flags &c.). The new issue of Canadian Notes & Queries is out and with it a big fat update to the website, including a whole lot of web-exclusive stuff. This issue, though I've yet to receive my copy, is probably the best one under the new management. I'm very pleased with and proud of the reviews I've gathered and edited for the issue; there's some seriously heavyweight content in them, from some very thoughtful individuals. And speaking of reviews, Alex Good has given us an in-depth analysis of the state of reviewing in Canada today. And, oh yeah, a long essay by me on the career-to-date of Peter Sanger, a very underrated Nova Scotia poet and critic. Lots of other chewy stuff to be found, so if you haven't got a subscription already, sign up, sign up! In the weeks and months to come, we'll be making periodic additions to the website, so check in from time to time.


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