Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Iqaluit, Iqualuit

My pops just sent me this very nice article on my old home town. I'm shocked and appalled that the Tulugaq Bar (a.k.a. "The Zoo," with which readers of Unsettled will have a secondhand familiarity and with which I, during my stints in Iqaluit, had probably too intimate a relationship) has been renamed "The Storehouse Grill." This is a bar where, while I lived there, you weren't allowed to take photographs--bar management was really just trying to save the locals the trouble of beating the crap out of you if you did snap a shot.

Iqaluit was already becoming yuppified when I pulled up stakes for the northern frontier of Resolute Bay in 2001, so I can only imagine the tragic hipness of the place now, eight years into Nunavut. Still, it will ever and always be a freaky little town (even if officially a city now). This guy gets the character of the place pretty well.

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