Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Supreme Being and the War Amps

John MacKenzie points out this very amusing site in a post in which he asks:

And why won't he heal them? Any believer inthe christian god as a supreme being is helpless to answer that last question without resorting to self-delusion and intellectual dishonesty.

Actually, John, the answer has one of two very simple answers. Either a) the amputee is being punished for venal wickedness or b) s/he is having her faith in God tested. Because, you know, how else would God know if we were really worshipful of his greatness? Duh.

And then there's the Jews, who seem to maintain that God loves only amputees (oh, groan!)--and male ones at that.

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Al Blondin said...

I'm getting a little weary of this simplistic view of God that insist that if a benevolent Creator exists, then he or she doesn't care because there is so much suffering in the world.
First of all, I don't think anyone would like a God who would meddle too much and too directly in the midst of our human lives, especially as it relates to our perceived freedoms.
On the other hand, many of those who would insist on divine intervention would only want it on their own terms, meaning that the kind of god they would really like is some nice fairy godmother who would magically appear and take care of their problems when they command her to do so.
Now the God of the Bible, is simply not like that. This God is the creator of all existence and has decreed that, apart from a few instances in history, his creation would live without his interference. This God does draw close to those who sincerely desire to know him but does not impose his will. Otherwise, we would not have this wonderful personal freedom to ignore or even revile our Creator, we would only be simple automatons with no creativity or potential for love ourselves. The price of this freedom is that we also have to suffer the atrocities of the evil that it permits. That is just logical.