Saturday, July 21, 2007

On the Road Again

Well, a strike has been averted, so I'm back on the rods tomorrow. Just as well; it's pouring buckets here in Vancouver and showing no sign of letting up soon. No word yet on the details of the tentative settlement, but the union says it's a very good deal. I'll be getting one of my favourite things as a result: retro pay! All the way back to January, I believe. Unfortunately, I was unemployed from early January to mid-May, so it's not as sweet as it might be, but still a welcome windfall.

Looked at a couple of potential apartments today. One was spacious, bright and clean, but small windows and cat-allergic owners made it a no-go. The other was lovely, or at least would be after about 10 grand worth of renovations. Heritage home with lots of character. Also lots of grunge. Sad, because it would've been a nice spot otherwise.

I'll be in Winnipeg on Tuesday with a full report on my exciting eastbound trip!

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