Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Chance Encounter Between Coasts

After my last post, but before my nap, I learned that George Murray of Bookninja fame (pictured left with cheesy fake aurora) was also in Winnipeg, on business from St. John's. Wound up having supper with him and Adam Levin tonight, at an obscure strip-mall Israeli joint, where we ate our schwarmas and matzo ball soup to death metal, whilst discussing serious issues like the comedic genius of Sacha Baron Cohen. First time I'd met Adam; very likeable guy.

Afterwards, we stopped by for a tour of Adam's house, met his dog and headed back downtown, where George and I had a pint at his hotel and shot the shit for a bit before retiring to our respective employer-paid accommodations. It was good to see George. He's largely responsible for instigating my ventures into public writing, having, through Bookninja, introduced my poems to Paul Vermeersch at Insomniac and my opinionations to Carmine Starnino. So if you're looking for someone to blame...

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GM said...

There's a host of other things to blame me for first, Z. It was great to see you. I love those kinds of coincidences.