Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moved in--mostly

Well, we're moved out, anyway. Thanks to some help from five very good friends--and thanks to the fact that we have very little stuff or furniture--the move from East Van to New West was pretty painless. But we had so little stuff that after the move--and unfortunately, after I had to return my rental van--I had to find a bed. Picked up an inflatable mattress/folding bed deal at Canadian Tire and strapped it to the back seat of my motorbike. This was quite a sight. Because most of the weight was on the bottom of the three-foot-tall box, I had to set it standing up on the seat and strap it to the backrest, so there was a big, angled white pillar sticking up as I rode home. If I was shown doing this on TV, no doubt the voiceover would be telling you not to try this at home. Since my bike is the only vehicle I've ever owned, I've loaded quite a few strange objects on it over the years, including a big bag of peat moss. That one at least I could set on its side... Anyway, made it home without incident (my past life as an airline cargo hand has made me quite resourceful in the securing of loads; I always carry a whack of straps and bungee cords with me) and got our provisional bed set up. We're getting a secondhand couch and loveseat delivered tomorrow morning, but have to pick up a pile of other stuff before this lovely apartment will start to feel properly like home.

We spent today cleaning up the house and garden at Trinity St. for the new housesitters. In the process, I got stung on the face by a very aggressive wasp. They seem to be nesting inside the deck roof and this one must have been bothered by my presence on the deck. After stinging me, she dive-bombed me several times more. Maybe she's a Lynn Crosbie fan...

Looking forward to getting my internet hooked up. Stealing a signal from somewhere nearby right now. Not quite nearby enough, however. [It took several tries to post this.]

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