Thursday, September 6, 2007


Full day. Before I set out to return my ma-in-law's vehicle, I noticed a drip coming from a corner of the bedroom ceiling. A very steady drip. After talking to landlord, property manager and plumber I left. The drip got worse and became a gush. The plumber came and fixed it (a pinhole leak in the kitchen sink pipes of the apt. above us), but there's water damage to the ceiling and wall in the bedroom and the ceiling in the kitchen. In a way, perhaps a blessing, as we wanted to repaint the bedroom anyway (aforementioned hideous banana colour) and now someone else will probably have to do it for us! This is strangely reminiscent of the plumbing problems we had immediately after taking possession of our house in Halifax. A 60-year-old bathtub drainpipe rusted out and water filled a light fixture in our back entry. I discovered the problem when I heard said fixture, overburdened with its aqueous cargo, smash on the floor. I'm thinking of changing my name to Noah, except with me, I move then it floods, whereas with Noah it kinda worked in reverse.

When I got back, I had to deal with the dual stomach-knotting frustrations of internet tech support and the interpretation of ambiguous Ikea graphic assembly instructions. Finally, got the internet working and the furniture (for Rachel's office) assembled. Water damage aside, the place is really looking sharp now. I love my office. I've had workspace in broom closets before, so this 100 sq. ft. room with big window and French doors feels downright decadent. Looking forward to a winter of diligent quasi-literary pursuits.

And tonight, Rachel got a job. She's going to be teaching a night course to ESL students, which will allow her to substitute teach during the days. She's still waiting to hear back on her applications to local school boards.

I'm off on the rails again tomorrow, a non-layover trip. I've heard that traffic is up in September. It was busy in May, too. Ironically, the "shoulder" seasons, with their lower rates, have been busier on the rails than the putative peak. Why they don't just lower their peak rates is beyond me. Too busy trying to pretend they're a real business, I guess. I wish we could just agree that this is a service worth subsidizing and have done with it. Maybe charge different rates for Canuck taxpayers than for foreigners? Why not? It's such an awesome way to see the country, it's a pity that, at the best time of the year, it's prohibitively expensive for most people to travel in the most comfortable way.

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