Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jailbreaks lauded in the Walrus blog

Had this piece, by Jared Bland on The Walrus's blog, pointed out to me this morning. It's as much a paean to Biblioasis as it is a review of Jailbreaks. The former is very well-deserved. If I haven't said it before on this site, I'll say it now: I love Biblioasis. When so many publishers who have been around so much longer pump out catalogues of unremarkable books, it's wonderful to see a publisher with Dan Wells' levels of energy, commitment and discernment producing a varied and challenging catalogue every season. In its short history, Biblioasis has already published several excellent and even, dare I say it, important books. It's an honour to be part of such a classy endeavour.

But back to my book. I particularly like this line of Bland's: "It’s perhaps a fine distinction, but this is a collection for those interested more in poetry by Canadians than Canadian poetry."

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Rob Taylor said...

Yeah, that's a great quote - and true. Glad the book is getting some attention.